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Understanding what was written on the previous page, you'll understand that our 'free roulette system' does not propose itself to be a strategy which will let you win consistently, you should know by now that that claim is always a false one. What we propose here is a free roulette system that will let you play longer, hopefully not lose as much, and enjoy your time instead of fretting the whole game.

Start by covering the board a little. Roulette is more fun if you win a little on most bets, instead of waiting and hoping for a big win on rare occasion. This is why I suggest a betting strategy of placing the black outside bet, along the column that covers the most red numbers, column 3. Doing this gives you 18 black numbers to win on, and 8 red numbers to win on, for a total of 27 numbers covered. Of course winning on one bet may make you lose on another, but then there's always the chance of hitting 15, 24, or 33 to win on both. Calculating out the house edge, you're still up against exactly 5.26% on American roulette, but you may find your bankroll fluctuates less, because if you lose you most likely win a little to cover the loss, and of course if you win you most likely lose a little because of your second bet, but you still win more than you lose. Hey that's why it's a free roulette system, not a paid one. Just kidding, actually roulette systems people offer for sale are all false promises, never spend your money on a system of any kind. In the long run this free roulette system is effectively the same as betting on any one bet all of the time, but it's much more fun, and you can play for a lot longer, which sounds better to you? I tell people to play this little free roulette system a lot, because it usually ends up giving them more fun at the table.

The Advantage Player

So how do some people make money off of roulette? I honestly don't believe anyone can consistently win money off of roulette, unless they have found a wheel or dealer, which isn't up to scratch. Biased wheels have been known to exist, but these days casinos check their wheels regularly for biases, and it's a pit boss' job to notice if any wheel is hitting irregularly.

Sometimes however you may run into something called a dealer's signature. A roulette dealer's signature is basically a dealer who throws the marble consistently, and is able to control, to some degree, the area in which the ball ends up. A dealer trying to do this will pay attention to such things as the rotational speed of the wheel, and the position on the wheel where the marble is dropped, and of course the speed with which they let it go. Finding a dealer with a consistent signature is better than a free roulette system any day of the week! I have heard stories where dealers actually admit to being able to hit a certain area, perhaps four or five pockets wide, with some consistency. But why would a dealer attempt to do this in an actual casino? No good reason unless they are in cahoots with a player and making a profit off of their wins. Some dealers however are at the wheel so long they simply spin with consistency naturally. Where the ball leaves the hand along the wheel rim is the only unknown variable in this case.

What advantage roulette players do is try and find an unconscious dealers signature. They watch a dealer for a while, paying attention to where along the wheel the dealer lets go of the ball, and where it ends up. If they notice a consistent difference from point A to point B, the advantage player can watch the dealer until they let the ball go, predict the area the ball will land in, and then place their bets. Only because roulette allows bets after the marble has been dropped is this at all possible.

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