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This page is a summary of general gambling and roulette tips. It kind of acts as a mini guide to all of the good points scattered around this site. If you don't like reading, this roulette tips summary is made for you, short and sweet.

To start with, for the most part in roulette, systems are a bad thing. Any roulette tips you get from the people beside you at the table, take with a grain of salt, as they most likely aren't worth much. That's a tip in and of itself, don't listen to casino tipsters. People that specifically try to sell you a 'system' are in it for the money, nobody can beat the game of roulette mathematically with a system.

Be sure to keep good track of your bankroll. Playing a system or style with some consistency can be a good idea simply because you should always know how much money you have on the table, how much you stand to win, and how much you could potentially lose on the next spin. The tip of all roulette tips, bankroll management is the most essential variable proper gamblers pay attention to.

I recommend you play more than one bet, with some hedging going on (that simply means placing bets that will cover the losses of other bets), but not too much. Hedge to make it more probably you will hit, not to stop yourself from winning what you deserve (which is what happens if you put too much down on 'alternate' bets).

Seek out rule changes that lower the house edge:

  • Always keep an eye out for a single zero roulette wheel, and if you're playing online, never play anything but a single zero wheel.
  • Try to find the rule 'En Prison' on European roulette tables.
  • Try to find the rule 'Surrender', which is easier to come across in Atlantic City.

I don't recommend you try to find a biased wheel, but I do recommend you do a little dealer watching. This doesn't so much belong on a roulette tips page as it does a strategy page, but here you go. See if you can get into a position where you have a good view of where the dealer lets go of his hand. Take note of the position the ball is released on the wheel and see if there is any pattern to where it lands, relative to where it was released. If you find a dealer hitting in the same number of spaces away from where the ball was released with consistency (they may be 6 away from it one time, 8 another, 10 another, 5 another , but that's all still in one specific area). If you do happen to come across this 'dealer signature' try taking advantage of it by placing bets after the wheel is released in the general area you calculate the ball to land in.

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